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El Mar Diving Centers Service Department

With over 45 years of scuba equipment service experience at our AZ dive shop, we have worked on it all, from the old style double hose regulators to the latest rebreather units. We take dive equipment service very seriously to ensure you the best in quality and satisfaction.

At El Mar Diving Center we have the largest scuba equipment service facility in Arizona, the largest selection of parts available, and can service virtually all brands of scuba gear.

Authorized Service Center

  • Aeris
  • Aqualung (U.S. Divers)
  • Atomic
  • Dacor (post 1999)
  • Genesis
  • Hollis
  • Mares
  • Oceanic
  • Seaquest
  • Sherwood
  • Suunto
  • Tusa (Tabata)
  • Zeagle

Equipment Service Rates
All Rates are for Labor only, Parts are extra.

Air Delivery System, Regulator Service

1st Stage $20 plus parts
1st Stage w/ Environmental Seal (i.e. Atomic M1/ST1/T2) $40 plus parts
1st Stage Nitrox Clean $30 plus parts
2nd stage $20 plus parts
H.U.B. Assy (Mares/Dacor) $120 plus parts

Bcd Service

Bcd w/ Standard Inflator $20 plus parts
Bcd w/ Airtrim (Dacor & Mares) $60 plus parts
Bcd w/ Atomic SS1 $40 plus parts
Bcd w/ Tusa Duo Air $40 plus parts
Bcd w/ Aqualung Airsource $40 plus parts
Bcd w/ Aqualung i3 Inflator $40 plus parts
Bcd w/ Oceanic Air XS II $40 plus parts
Bcd w/ Aeris Airlink $40 plus parts

Computer / Depth Gauge / Pressure Gauge Service

Computer Battery Change (includes battery kit and pressure test) $30
Suunto Watch Battery Change (includes battery kit and pressure test) $60
Accuracy Check (Recreational 130 FT) $10
Accuracy Check (Technical 230 FT) $30
Pressure Gauge Accuracy Check $5
Pressure Gauge Rebuild of Swivel Pin $5
Pressure Gauge Nitrox Clean (including hose) $15

Air Scuba Tanks / Tank Valve

Hydro (Includes Hydro, Visual Plus, Oring, Fill) $40
Visual (Includes Visual Plus, Oring, Fill) $20
Air Fill (up to 3500 psi) $6
Internal Cleaning $20
K Valve Service $10 plus parts
Twin Manifold Service $20 plus parts

Nitrox Scuba Tanks / Tank Valve

Clean Air Fill (up to 3500 psi) $7
32% Nitrox Fill (up to 3500 psi) $10
36% Nitrox Fill (up to 3500 psi) $12
Nitrox K Valve Service $20 plus parts
Nitrox Twin Manifold Service $30 plus parts
Nitrox Tank w/ Valve cleaning (fill / tank decal additional) $40 plus parts/fill/decal
Nitrox Visual (Includes VIP and Internal Cleaning) $25 plus fill
Nitrox Hydro (Includes VIP, Hydro, Internal Clean and Valve Clean) $70 plus parts/fill

El Mar Diving Center uses Advanced Inspection Technology's Visual Plus 3 for the visual inspection of all aluminum cylinders, developed by a leader in state-of-the-art nondestructive technology. The Visual Plus 3 uses eddy currents to thoroughly inspect the threaded neck region of aluminum cylinders. As the electrical current flows through the metal, Visual Plus 3 measures tiny fluctuations in the electrical current and can detect the smallest imperfections. By using Visual Plus 3 we are able to detect cylinder flaws that other inspectors, who rely on only the naked eye, might miss or wrongly diagnose.