Air, Nitrox & Trimix Fills at El Mar Diving Center

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Technical Trips

SDI Solo Diver Training with El Mar Diving Center

SDI Solo Diver

Course Fee: $199.00

The objective of the Solo Diver Course is to train you in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures involved in Solo Diving. Even divers who never plan to Solo Dive will gain valuable self sufficiency skills during this course.


  • Minimum age: 21 years old
  • Advanced diver certification
  • 100 logged dives

Required equipment

  • Total Diving System(mask, fins, boots, snorkel, regulator system & bcd)
  • Redundant air source: i.e., small tank with regulator(pony setup), twin cylinders with isolation or independent doubles
  • Reel with minimum of 130 feet of line
  • Lift bag with 50 lbs of lift(prefer marker buoy style)

Class fee: $99.00, if combined with TDI Advanced Nitrox

Course Dates

If no course dates are listed, please call Vic @ (602)999-9707 about setting up a class