Air, Nitrox & Trimix Fills at El Mar Diving Center

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Technical Trips

Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills

El Mar Diving Centers Trimix and Nitrox Blending Panel

El Mar Diving Center is your Fill Station!

We always have Oxygen and Helium on hand to provide our customers with the gas mixes they need, with our oxygen clean booster we can top up your cylinders, so no need to waste gas by draining before filling.

Trimix / Nitrox Blending System Specifications

  • Oxygen Clean Booster, 3500 psi
  • 2 Hyper Filter Towers, Certified "Oxygen Compatible Air"
  • 12 Oxygen Cylinders
  • 8 Helium Cylinders

Technical Diving Gases

Oxygen Compatible Air $7.00 per fill (3500psi max)
SCUBA Grade Oxygen $.40 per cubic foot
Helium, Ultra High Purity $2.00 per cubic foot

Grade "E" Air Fills

Scuba Cylinder (3500psi max)* $6.00
*All cylinders must have a valid visual inspection sticker from a recognized facility.
*All aluminum cylinders older than June, 1988 NEED to be visual inspected by El Mar Diving Center.
SCBA Cylinder (3000psi max) $10.00
SCBA Cylinder (4500psi max) $20.00

Nitrox Fills

32% Nitrox (max size, 3500psi/120 cu. ft. max) $10.00
36% Nitrox (max size, 3500psi/120 cu. ft. max) $12.00

El Mar Diving Centers Compressor System

The compressor system at El Mar Diving Center consists of a Poseidon P800 as the primary pump with a Bauer K14 as backup. The compressed air is then filtered five times before being stored in our 30 storage cylinders. The air is then delivered to the customer's tank from the storage cylinders and boosted to the rated pressure with a Haskel Booster if needed.

System Specifications

  • Poseidon P800, 38cfm
  • Bauer K14, 12 cfm
  • Five Filter Towers
  • Thirty (30) 330 Cubic Foot Cylinders
  • Certified CGA Grade "E"
  • Haskel Scuba-Amp, capable of raising cylinder pressure to 4500psi

El Mar Diving Centers, Poseidon P800 Compressor El Mar Diving Centers, Poseidon P800 Compressor