Air, Nitrox & Trimix Fills at El Mar Diving Center

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Technical Trips

TDI Introduction to Technical Diving

The "Intro to Tech" course is the introduction to the world of technical diving. The course will familiarize you with the technical dive gear configurations and advanced gas planning techniques

Topics covered

  • Diving Physics & Physiology
  • Equipment selection, application & preparation
  • Tables & computer diver planning and execution
  • Surface air consumption rate(SAC rate) & minimum reserve calculations
  • TDI technical training at El Mar Diving Center
  • Emergency strategies

Course prerequisites

  • Advanced Diver Certification
  • 25 logged dives

Course Fee, $259.00

Additional fees

  • TDI "Intro to Tech" manual
  • Air or Nitrox fills
  • Lake, park or boat fees

The lake pleasant trip will include land drills and 3 dives, with a opportunity to become familiar with the types of technical equipment in common use and the reasoning behind various kinds of equipment configurations

Course Dates

If no course dates are listed, please call Vic @ (602)999-9707 about setting up a class