Air, Nitrox & Trimix Fills at El Mar Diving Center

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Technical Trips

SSI Extended Range Limited Trimix at El Mar Diving CenterSSI XR Limited Trimix

Extended Your Adventure!

The SSI Extended Range Trimix course provide divers with the advanced dive planning & training necessary, utilizing technical diving equipment, double tanks(twins) and stage cylinders, to independently plan and conduct decompression dives to a maximum depth of 150 feet and 25 minutes of accelerated decompression time using hyperoxic decompression gases(50% to 100%) with a equally qualified dive buddy.

In addition to using nitrox, you will be qualified to use trimix with a minimum oxygen content of 21%, SSI Extended Range Trimix is specifically designed to reduce the risk of nitrogen narcosis for deeper diving.

SSI Extended Range Trimix at El Mar Diving Center


Recommended training

Each diver enrolled in the program must complete an effective watermanship skills evaluation that includes:

  • 2500 feet surface swim using a mask, snorkel and fins
  • 1000 feet surface swim while wearing a Extended Range Total Diving System and stage cylinder applicable to their specific program.
  • 10 minute survival swim/float without the use of mask, snorkel, fins or other swimming aids
  • 50 feet underwater swim on a single breath.

Course Fee: $595.00 plus Student Digital Materials


  • Extended Range Total Diving System for Pool & Certification Dives
  • Double Tanks, Stage Cylinder & Regulators w/ Gauges
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Pool Sessions
  • Six Open Water Dives (additional fess may apply)
  • Instructor Fee
  • Certification Card
SSI Extended Range Trimix at El Mar Diving Center

Required Equipment

  • Doctor Signed, Medical History Form
  • Student Digital Materials, $63.00 (retail $70.00)
  • Two Masks
  • Fins
  • Dive Computer
  • Technical Harness
  • Two Cutting Devices
  • Compass
  • Yellow SMB(Surface Marker Buoy)
  • Orange SMB(Surface Marker Buoy)
  • Reel w/ 250 feet line
  • Whistle & Slate/Wet Notes

Additional Fees

  • Charter Boat Fees
  • Air/Nitrox/Oxygen/Trimix Fills

Group Class, XR Trimix

Orientation/Class Pool Class Pool Training Dives
6pm - 10pm 6pm - 10pm 6pm - 10pm 6pm - 10pm Dives 1-6, TBD

Stop by El Mar Diving Center or call (480) 833-2971 to sign up or for more information.