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Scuba Rangers

Scuba Rangers at El Mar Diving Center

SSI’s Scuba Rangers program is one of the world’s best-developed scuba and snorkeling programs for children. Diving school designed for children aged 8 to 12, Scuba Rangers classes are safe, taught only by instructors specifically trained in the Rangers program, and will introduce your child to the wonders of the water in a gentle, multi-faceted manner.

Here's your chance to do some fun & cool stuff in the pool, meet friends and share in the adventure of the underwater world!

The SCUBA RANGERS Philosophy
To keep it simple and fun, we have designed the SCUBA RANGERS Star, which defines the five points of a successful SCUBA RANGER:

  • Proper Knowledge: Rangers must learn the rules of responsible diving.
  • Proper Skills: Rangers must learn and practice basic scuba skills.
  • Proper Equipment: Rangers must learn to use basic scuba equipment, and should own snorkeling equipment, and properly maintain and care for all equipment.
  • Proper Experience: Rangers should maintain diving proficiency, dive within their limits, and continue to learn more about scuba and water exploration.
  • Training: Scuba Rangers begin out of the water, focusing on becoming comfortable with the idea of diving, and learning about breathing, helping peers, and becoming familiar with equipment.

Training is broken out in 5 different levels. The kids are taught the skills and knowledge they need to become safe and successful divers in a fun yet controlled environment.

Scuba Rangers at El Mar Diving Center

Get your children excited about moving up the Scuba Ranger ladder! Rangers get a ribbon tied around their snorkel for each level they complete, contributing to their feeling of success and ownership.

  • Step 1: Red Ranger – Kids demonstrate their swimming skills and learn how to snorkel with a mask, a snorkel and fins. How to help other children is also emphasized. And most importantly, so is having fun!
  • Step 2: White Ranger – Would be divers are introduced to diving equipment. What are these things for and how do we use them? Rangers then go into the pool with equipment for the first time.
  • Step 3: Blue Ranger – Rangers learn new diving exercises in the pool such as how to float in the water.
  • Step 4: Silver Ranger – Children play games underwater while wearing diving equipment to increase their comfort and practice the diving techniques they’ve learned so far.
  • Step 5: Demo Ranger – Your proud children are able to “teach” diving to parents, siblings, and friends by doing demonstrations of the skills they’ve learned.

Above All!, SCUBA Rangers is FUN!!

Scuba Rangers at El Mar Diving CenterPrerequisites

  • Must be 8 years old at start of class

What El Mar Diving Center provides?

  • Classroom Education
  • Pool Dives
  • Student Kit
  • SCUBA Rangers Experience Card
  • Total Diving System for Pool Dives
    (Tank, Weights, Buoyancy System, Air Delivery System & Information System)

Max of 6 Students per class

Required Equipment

  • Personal Snorkeling System
    (Mask, Fins, Snorkel, and Boots)

*Students receive a 10% Discount on Equipment(excluding sale items)

Course Fee: $299.00

Class Dates and Times

 Scuba Rangers, June 18th - 22nd, 2018

  • June 18th - 21st, 9:30am to 12:30pm
  • June 22nd, 7pm for Night Dive & Awards

 Scuba Rangers, June 25th - 29th, 2018

  • June 25th - 28th, 9:30am to 12:30pm
  • June 29th, 7pm for Night Dive & Awards

Stop by El Mar Diving Center, or call (480) 833-2971 for more information.