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Open Water Scuba Diver

Welcome to Your New Adventure!

Exploration, exotic locations, amazing color and beauty... these are just a few of the things you will experience in the spectacular underwater world. Welcome to your new adventure, innerspace. Congratulations! Scuba diving is a wonderful sport for everyone! You can look forward to many memorable diving adventures in the years to come.

The Open Water Scuba Diver Certification

Your ticket to the underwater world - the Open Water Diver certification. Your Open Water Student Manual, DVD and pool training sessions combined will help you learn everything you need to know to Start your Adventure© the fun and correct way. The Open Water Student Manual includes study guide questions at the end of each section to help you retain your new knowledge and test your retention. During your Open Water Diver training sessions you will learn all of the necessary skills and safe diving procedures to be a comfortable confident diver.

open water training

What El Mar will provide?

  • Open Water Manual
  • Dive Planner Table
  • Log Book Insert
  • Scuba Equipment (Tank, Weights, Bcd, Regulator w/ Octopus & Gauges)
  • Certification Card
  • Four(4) Beach Dives*
    *Ask about upgrading to boat dives

What you need to provide?

Scuba Diving is a gear intensive sport with many options of equipment available. We ask that you have at minimum your own Snorkeling Gear (mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves & wetsuit).

Class Formats

All Classes are planned around you schedule at our El Mar Mexico Store

Course Fee

  • $399.00 per person

Continue the Adventure with Stress & Rescue Diver, your next step in exploring the underwater world.

Stop by El Mar Diving Center, or call (480) 833-2971 for more information.

Complete Your Adventure!©, Open Water SCUBA Certification Dives.

"Now that you have completed your Open Water SCUBA Diver Class & Pool Course, the beginning of Your New Adventure, the next step is to complete your Open Water SCUBA Certification Dives in a Open Water location."

Our Mexico Facility, El Mar Diving Center Mexico can Complete Your Adventure!©

complete you adventure, san carlos mexico open water scuba certification
San Carlos Mexico Open Water SCUBA Certification Referral

"San Carlos Mexico offers the most Amazing Diving situated on the Sea of Cortez, a unique natural wonder, dubbed the "Galapagos of North America" by Jacques Cousteau. Offering something for everyone, Scuba Diver or not. There are many optional activities for your non-diving buddy, Including: Kayaking, Snorkeling, hiking, shopping, mountain bike riding, horse back riding and golfing, Making this a Great location for Completing Your Adventure!©"

Complete your Open Water SCUBA Certification Dives at Our Mexico Scuba Facility
$259.00 per student


  • Four certification SCUBA Shore dives
  • One certification Snorkel Shore dive
  • Tanks & Weights
  • Instructor fee
  • Certification card

Required Equipment

  • Personal Snorkeling System
  • Total Diving System

Rental "Total Diving System" (ADS, BCD, Wetsuit) available

El Mar Diving Center Mexico
263 Creston
San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
USA Toll Free Phone/Fax 1-877-365-0251
Local Phone 622-2260404