Air, Nitrox & Trimix Fills at El Mar Diving Center

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Technical Trips

DOT Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing

El Mar Diving Center is a Authorized DOT Hydrostatic Retest Facility, we can hydro your SCUBA, SCBA, and Oxygen cylinders on-site, and offer a quick turn around.

El Mar Diving Center offers DOT Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing On-Site
Hydro Cost
SCUBA Cylinder Hydro (Includes Hydro, Visual Plus, Oring, Fill) $40
SCUBA Cylinder Nitrox Hydro (Includes VIP, Hydro, Internal Clean and Valve Clean) $70 plus parts/fill
SCBA Hydro, 2216 / 3000 psi (Fill Included) $40
SCBA Hydro, Composite 3000 psi (Fill Included) $60
SCBA Hydro, Composite 4500 psi (Fill Included) $70
Oxygen Cylinder Hydro, SCUBA USE ONLY (Fill Additional) $50
Additional Services
Visual Inspections (Includes Visual Plus, Oring, Fill) $20
Internal Clean (Tumble) $20
Twin Tank Disassembly $20